Nanotechnology is the manipulation of matter in incredibly small sizes. To put it in perspective, a sheet of paper is about 100,000 nanometers thick. Nanotechnology enables the development of the next generation of materials that are stronger, lighter and more durable than those currently used in buildings, bridges, airplanes, automobiles, and other applications. At Max2Protect we develop products with nanomaterials.

Our technology is based on nanocapsules that have molecular gates to control their deployment to certain stimuli. They contain nanoparticles for sun protection, as well as thermal, hydrophilic, aromatic, repellent and photocatalytic properties. In addition, through their release of active ingredients they are anti-stain, antioxidant and anti-crater.

Nanotechnology offers solutions to the different problems that humanity faces, from environmental problems, energy problems or improvements in medicine (also known as nanomedicine).

In conventional technology it has been a great advance since it implies an improvement in the quality of all devices at the hardware level, providing them with greater resistance and speed when operating.

Nuestra tecnología se basa en nanocápsulas que poseen puertas moleculares para controlar su despliegue a determinados estímulos. Éstas contienen nanopartículas para protección solar, así como propiedades térmicas, hidrofílicas, aromáticas, repelentes y fotocatalíticas. Además, a través de su liberación de principios activos son antimanchas, antioxidantes y anticráter.

La nanotecnología ofrece soluciones a los diferentes problemas a los cuales se enfrenta la humanidad, desde problemas ambientales, energéticos o mejoras en la medicina (también conocida como nanomedicina). 

En la tecnología convencional ha supuesto un gran avance ya que supone una mejora en la calidad de todos los dispositivos a nivel de hardware, proporcionándoles mayor resistencia y velocidad a la hora de funcionar. 

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